Ecommerce app is a big necessity today. And to drive the best services, your business need an ecommerce app. Period.

Let us consider the story of Sam who is a well-known grocery retailer in Manhattan. He had his shop out there in a busy street. After some of his friends suggested him to take the shop online, he opened a web store. To cater his services to more people, rather smart group he chose an ecommerce app.

To develop an app he did not bother for much homework and just leveraged the product development to a freelance app developer. But all went wrong. The cluttered appearance of the app bogged the performance. He did not receive much of those app downloads. Either way, he was wrong in his product marketing or in his app development itself.

Since he assessed a little about his app,  failure was what he got. While talking with the experts he came to know that his app lacks enough rich features to attract customers. That’s when he got to know why does his business need a feature rich ecommerce app? And also came to know what engaging features can make his ecommerce app an instant hit.

Why Does Your Ecommerce Business Need A Feature Rich App?

Digitalization in this age had led to the development of hundreds of similar apps on app stores. And it can always make your app face severe competition. To strive this competition, your app must be solid with rich defining features to make users choose you! If you want to lure more customers for your organization, you have to get through the best of ecommerce setup. This can boost your revenues and income in varied ways.

One of the biggest challenges you may be facing is listing out the mandatories that are awesome for increasing traffic. Let us find out the probable reason that will help you to skyrocket your business.

 1. Is Your App Easy To Access?

An app should be instantaneous, oversimplified and something which a customer can easily connect to. With number of businesses trying their hands in online retail, a robust ecommerce mobile app can make you stand out of the crowd. It will couple your purchases, conversions and daily visits.

Hence, you need to work on developing an ecommerce app that is intuitive and seamless. Minimalism is the trend which is in and your app must embrace it. Adding interactive features to the interface will connect it more to the users and will boost customer loyalty. To reduce your hassles, here comes Innocommerce, a complete mcommerce app solution that can make your app in just 5 days!

   2. Here’s Your Guide To Design Better App Navigation

You must never put off your visitor with a cluttered navigation page. Check out the few innovative ways to design your navigation:

  • Attractive and simple Pictorial Icons can be a good way to save space in your navigation pages.  You can always choose from being cartoony, realistic or detailed icons as per your taste.
  • Card Grid is yet another layout that is getting popular for its adaptability in touch responsive devices. Grids can be conglomeration of image and texts or anyway you want it to portray.
  • For a total out-of-the-box designing, Spinning Wheel, favors more creativity than practicality. To add fun to this navigation, you can utilize the gesture control make navigation as a viable option.
  • Go for the Full Screen Navigation option. Want to give your users a logical and simpler app page? Though it would be taking all of the space, it would entice your readers, if attractive backgrounds are used.

Try to make the navigation consistent for the entire app! By targeting the exact customer needs a robust engine can be developed that is solely based on your target audience’s behavior!

  3. Have You Made Your Graphics High Quality And Relatable?

It is though tempting for you to throw hundreds of bright colorful features and add-ons to your app, just because you find it really cool- well, don’t, ever! Simplicity is the key. Have an eye for outlined details in minimalized manner. For gaming apps, invest upon real artists and review the artwork before implementing.

Bonus: Here’s the checklist to develop the ultimate ecommerce app that brings bundles of ROI!

Essentially, every customer is looking out for an interface that can be understood within “15 seconds”, rather than a complex, disruptive navigation. Hence, your app preferably needs to be engaging, welcoming and ‘tempting’ enough to click.

  4. Are You Making Your App Enriched With Social Media Connect?

A long, boring and tedious registration process to start the app can be intentionally diverting! You need to seriously handle this. Social media connects more number of people – that means there’s a higher scope to in interact with your potential customers.

  • Easy social media connect option called Social API integration (know what it’s important), right on the sign-in page of your app can be implemented. This mode will automatically pull out info from the user’s data through their social accounts. No lengthy registration process!
  • Adding embedded social media sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly on your app to tweet, like and share something will be beneficial for your branding.
  • Consider feeding social media with your app, that will encourage users to be active and see what others are up to. You can actually convert your visitor into users, right away!

   5. Why to Invest In Impressive UX/UI Designs?

Rich, wow factor has to be there in every page of your app that asks you to go further. It doesn’t matter if you choose native app or cross platform app development, it’s imperative you the best of graphics. Now, the idea is to make everything separate yet connected in a seamless way.  Your brand colors should be reflected in your entire app. For instance, you can stick to two or three core contrast colors to make your users easy to relate.

  • Ultra-obvious icons can be improvised, that don’t require labels. Choose this if you are lover of minimalism.
  • Reverse out the colors to avoid making your page flat.
  • Monochrome colors and texts are equally in-trend and can fit your purpose.

Interactive, usable and easy UX is what promotes high customer base. Frequent upgrades have to be made starting from the  scratch. Banal design will lag and can potentially shun the profits in a short or long term. You can even design your next dream app at a shoestring budget. Know it how right here!

   6. How A Clumsy Content Can Reduce Your Visitor Count!

FYI, more you keep the content concise and understandable, the better aftermaths will it yield. Pushy marketing tactics don’t work anymore. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with long term customers and you cannot win it with cheap maneuvers. Let’s jot up the requirements.

  • Engage your reader with fun language and a slight dash of humour. This will connect your visitors with the provided description of the app. Your tone of voice will portray who you are!
  • Outline the key components in easy to read lines. Your approach should be towards simplifying the core content. Buyer persona must be defined.
  • Invest in good quality, intuitive and reader grasping contents that enriches your goal for a higher rate of traffic conversion!  
  • Comprehensive list of benefits and features about your product or service should be there in bold.
  • Scannable listicle format can be used using underlined or bullet points for the specifications. Your reasons to choose your app must be persuasive.

In A Nutshell

The aim of a thriving e-commerce app must be to serve immersive affair with online shopping or anything relevant. Mushy efforts mostly negate goal profits. Your app should be potent enough to lead  convincing completion of the goal. So if you are worrying about what e-commerce app features you need to strive in this competitive market, reaching out for a reliable mobile app development company like Innofied is your solution. For any e-commerce business success, some stringent and effective key factors are to be looked for. Make viable transactions worldwide and boost profit generously with your e-commerce app. You can always get advantageous with the most appropriate ecommerce solution.